FREE Amateur friendly SOLO tournament

By Taicho995
Amateur friendly Fortnite tournament with £10/10€ prize.

This tournament will run only on Fridays.

Minimum of 25 participants will be required, if not tournament will be postponed for a week.

Payments will be done through pay-pal/paysafe card on the next day. (Saturday)

This is what you need to do in order to be able to participate:

1- Twitch account.
2- Follow me on twitch
3- Record and upload 3 consecutive games to twitch or Youtube
4- Fortnite must be on a windowed screen so i can see the time and date that you are playing.
5- Your recording must be called "Amateur friendly dynamic tournament hosted by 13taicho13" Otherwise i wont be able to find the video
5- If your record has more than 3 matches, only the first 3 matches will be counted as valid.
6- Doesnt matter if you just died after landing, it will still count as a valid match so choose a safe spot to maximize your chances to survive and win.

Point system will be the following:

1 Kill = 1 Point
2 Kills = 2 Points
5 Kills = 3 points
Top 3 = 1 Point
Top 2 = 2 Points
Win = 3 Points

Amateur means less than 1 overall KD, stats checked through twitch replays will also be checked, more info on the Rules.
Structure to be determined.
UTC (UTC+00:00)
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1st place 10€/£
1 - As an amateur we do not expect you to do ramp with walls, ramp with floor and wall, double ramp with walls, double ramp with walls and floor. As well as roof over your enemies (so you stop them from getting the high-ground). Lets be honest, if you are amateur you dont know how to do them. Thats one reason for us to ask you to stream and save your game.

2 - As an amateur we do not expect you to win the match, but you can have that luck.

3 - If you have less than 1KD we also do not expect you to get more than 3 kills in your game, but this of course, may happen. Thats another reason of why we will review your whole replay.

4 - Disqualification is under our discretion, we have been playing the game for long time and now the difference between a bad player, not that bad player, good player and very good player.

All the rules above are set make sure only amateurs will compete and not their friends under their account or smurfs