XLE League Season 2

Xelectro eSports League Season 2 - Sponsored By: Net9 Oy

By Xelectro eSports
Welcome to Xelectro eSports League Season 2

This League is powered by: Xelectro eSports

Xelectro eSports League Season 2 is Sponsored by https://net9-hosting.net/aff.php?aff=38

Entry fee is 5€

Europe/Helsinki (UTC+03:00)
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Season 2:

1st place: 150€ and Pro Status to Season 3
2nd place: 105€ and Pro Status to Season 3
3rd place: 45€ and Pro Status to Season 3
4th place: Pro Status to Season 3
5-8th place: Pro Status to Season 3
9th-11th place: New Try Qualifier for Season 3
12th-14th place: New Try Qualifier for Season 3

The Matches will be played Private Servers & PopFlash Servers & Faceit Servers - Europe.

Entry fee is 5€

Teams only from Europe Area


Fair Play

-If you are not ready within 30 minutes if your game start time you will loose to forfeit
this does not include tech issues

-You can not have standins from within the event

-Please Respect ALL staff members

-Please refrain to using Finnish and English only.

-No arguing with other players or being toxic because of the result of a game

-Harassment of players will not be tolerated so do not do it.

-If you have a fight with a staff member take it to DM's, or if you don't feel like just talk to one of the owners.

-Being toxic will result in a strike with 3 strikes you will banned from the season. If another member of your team also hits 3 strikes we will issue
your team a permanent ban from competing in our tournaments.

-Any unauthorised self-promotion will result in an Ban.

-No posting of unauthorised links .

-Do not post Gorey, Sexual, or Scary content, e.g. nudity or death.

-There is no Rank/Faceit lvl or ESEA rank limit in Xelectro League.

-On no circumstance should a player on one team that is participating in the league - be a substitute for a different team that is also

-Don't use too much capital letters.

-Big roster changes are not allowed

-All Stand-in requests have to be requested in "#standin-request" text channel, otherwise request won't be official

-Stand-in request has to include steamurl of the stand in.