TSC eSports Season 2

TSC eSports CS:GO Season 2

By TSC eSports
The TSC CS:GO Championships are back for the fifth time, the second under the new TSC eSports brand, this time bigger and better than ever. We are using a brand new format this season where we have 4 double bracket groups where the top 2 teams from each group qualify to battle it out in the playoffs to find the best.

Discord - https://discord.gg/kc9TD4N

About TSC eSports:
Originally called The Silver Cup and founded in Early 2016, TSC eSports has been running online amateur esports tournaments ever since.
Europe/London (UTC+00:00)
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There is no prize for this tournament.
Servers will be setup with Popflash (Dedicated servers will be used for playoffs and certain group matches). which require teams to ready up. Once both teams have readied up, the game begins.

• 16 teams will participate in this tournament, all slots are open for registration.
• All players must have a prime status account.
• All players should have a Steam account in good standing with no previous bans for any Counter Strike game (VAC, FACEIT, ESEA or similar) on any accounts connected or owned by that player.
• Each team must have 5 players, and can optionally add up to 5 stand-ins and a coach.
• Rosters lock on the 18th of January at 00:00. You are unable to change any of the players in your team after this time. If you want to change before then, please create a ticket in the #help channel on the Discord.
• All players must be in the TSC official Discord server, including stand-ins and coaches.
• All players must also have their server nickname set with there team name in it, for example, if your team name was Alpha and your Discord nickname was Hqrvester, your server nickname should be "[Alpha] Hqrvester".

Server Settings

The following game settings will be used:
mp_startmoney 800
mp_roundtime 1.92
mp_freezetime 15
mp_maxrounds 30
mp_c4timer 40
mp_team_timeout_max 4
mp_team_timeout_time 30

The following settings will be used for overtime:
mp_maxrounds 6
mp_startmoney 10000

The full config can be found here - https://pastebin.com/BigARADx (Note this is for matches on the TSC official dedicated server only, Popflash may have slight differences).

Map pool:

The active duty map pool will be used, and updated if Valve changes it during the tournament, currently, the active duty maps are:

• de_cache
• de_dust2
• de_inferno
• de_mirage
• de_nuke
• de_overpass
• de_train

General Rules:

Choice of side

For best of 1 game, a knife round will be used to decide the choice of side, in best of 3 games choice of side will be included in the veto process.

Server crash

If the server crashes in the first round of a map, the match will be reset, otherwise, the latest available match backup will be loaded. If no match backups are available the match will be reset. Please note if a Popflash server crashes the match will be reset.

Player disconnect

If a player disconnects during a game in a Popflash server, it is up to the team to pause the match and for the player to reconnect, if the player is unable to reconnect, the match must continue minus the disconnected player.

In games in a dedicated server, the match will automatically pause if a player disconnects, where the team minus one player can either wait for the player to rejoin or substitute him for a stand-in that was registered on toornament before the tournament began.


• Players must join the server 10 minutes before the scheduled game time.
• All players must say they are ready in the chat before the game will begin.
• The game may be slightly delayed if the game is being broadcasted on Twitch in order to ensure the timings are correct.



Only buy, toggle and demo scripts are legal.


Before the match

• Both teams must be in the pre-match voice channel at least 15 minutes before the match.
• The veto must have been completed prior to the match


• Match dates listed are either:
a) Date that the match must be played before
b) Date that the match was played
• Match dates and times cannot be changed 48 hours before the match
• Match dates and times can be changed before 48 hours before the match so long as there is a valid reason.
• Both teams must agree to the match date and time in the Discord chat.
• If a game time is unable to be scheduled and an attempt has been made by one team and not the other, if there is sufficient evidence a default win will be awarded.
• If no schedule attempt has been made by either team a coinflip will decide the winner.


• Who bans first will be decided by a coin flip, the team with the higher seed will decide heads or tails. For the group stage, seeds are randomly assigned, for the playoffs they are based on group stage results.

For BO1 matches the following system will be used:

• Team 1 bans
• Team 2 bans
• Team 1 bans
• Team 2 bans
• Team 1 bans
• Team 2 bans
• Remaining map is played

For BO3 matches the following system will be used:

• Team 1 bans
• Team 2 bans
• Team 1 picks (Team 2 side choice)
• Team 2 picks (Team 1 side choice)
• Team 1 bans
• Team 2 bans
• Remaining map is decider (Team 1 side choice)


**Dedicated server matches only
• Both teams receive 4, 30 second long tactical timeouts per match
• The coach is only allowed to communicate during these timeouts, as well as halftime and warmup.
• To call for a tactical timeout, press ESC > Call Vote > Call a tactical timeout
• To call for a technical timeout type "tech" in the chat followed by the reason for the tech timeout.
• No communication is allowed during technical timeouts.


**Dedicated server matches only
• Some matches may require anti cheat
• Anti-cheat is required
• Easy Anti Cheat is used and can be downloaded from Steam here - https://store.steampowered.com/app/282660/

If you have any questions on how to setup Easy Anti-Cheat create a ticket in #help on Discord or EAC directly.

More info on EAC setup and common troubleshooting can be found here - https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/csgo/

Match protests

• To create a match protest, create a ticket in #help in Discord and state the reason for the protest.
• The match result will then be cancelled once a decision is made.
• The decision that is made is final and cannot be protested further.

All participants must adhere to the rules of the tournament. All decisions are final unless a protest is created. Conversations between admins and players are confidential between the 2 parties and should not be shared unless permission is given from the admins. The admins are able to apply the following penalties:

• Team warning
• Player warning
• Team disqualification
• Player ban
• Team ban
• Match default
• Match replay

The admins will evaluate the situation to decide which penalty is most suitable for the action. The penalty is final and no protest can be made to change it.

TSC eSports reserves the right to change or update these rules at any time. The latest version of the rules will always be available at https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2094905833471533056/information