Playstation 4

MyTeameSports PS4 Championship

By My Team eSports
MyTeameSports FIFA 19 Championship tournament.

Matches are played over TWO games - home and away.
Europe/London (UTC+00:00)
£10 - for the winner of the main My Team eSports Championship
Below are rules that must be agreed and followed for all tournaments. This relates to player behaviour, gameplay, game setup and tournaments.

1. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking the rules. For each event it is the players’ responsibility to ensure that they know, understand and agree to the rules as set out below.

2. Should a player breach any rule then punishment shall be decided by an admin within MyTeameSports. This decision will be final.

3. Any tournament where there is a prize fund – all prizes will be paid in GBP via PayPal to the email address of the registered user. Prizes will be paid within 28 days of the end of the tournament.

4. MyTeameSports reserves the right, in exceptional circumstances to withdraw prize money for any event. This will be communicated at the earlier opportunity.

Game rules

5. Players MUST play with their selected club / country. If you have signed up to represent FC Barcelona, then you MUST play as FC Barcelona – failure to do so will result in disqualification. This is the case for ALL rounds including preliminary rounds.

6. Game settings:

• Standard – Online friendly
• 6 minutes per half
• Normal game speed
• Legendary level

7. Players designated as the home team will host the match.

8. Each team must take at least one photo or screenshot of the score and the game stats. The photo must show the teams, the score and the time. Game stats are used to track teams and must be provided.

9. Scores must be recorded as instructed by MyTeameSports – this will be communicated before each tournament begins. Should you be unsure as to how you can report your score you must report this to MyTeameSports before playing any games.

10. If game scores do not match both players will be required to prove their scores. Any player found deliberately providing an incorrect score will be excluded from all tournaments. Issues relating to score disputes will be settled by a MyTeameSports admin and any decision made is final.

11. Matches must be played with up-to-date online squads.

12. Custom formations are not allowed. Should a player use a custom formation they will be disqualified. Evidence from the opponent will be required.

13. Players will be required to add their opponents as a friend via their Gamertag / PSN provided by tournament officials. Games played on different account other than the account listed will be null and void and both players may face a punishment.

14. Players are responsible for their own connection – the spirit of the game dictates that this is not altered to affect gameplay.

15. Should there be issues with EA servers during any tournament games then interrupted games will be replayed. Should a player leave a game when losing the opponent must provide a photo / screenshot of the game score, time and teams – an MyTeameSports admin will decide on action to be taken.

16. Should a connection be lost during a game the game should be continued at the same score and same time. This should be agreed by both players. If both players agree they cannot then make a complaint against an opponent.

17. Issues relating to unfair play must be reported at the earliest opportunity. Failure to do so may result in no action being taken.

18. Players must be available to play at the designated tournament times. Games will be played on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

19. Players are responsible for arranging a suitable time to play – should games not be played before the agreed cut off point a MyTeameSports admin will decide on action – this may be a points deduction for both teams.

20. Should a player be unable to play then they must contact their opponent and MyTeameSports immediately.

21. Should a player fail to contact their opponent or if their opponent is not available at the agreed time of play then they must contact MyTeameSports before the cut off point of that game being played. For all games not played a MyTeameSports admin will decide the action to take.

Player behaviour

22. All players and officials must be treated with respect.

23. Discrimination of any kind is not acceptable, and players will be punished for any offence. A first offence can result in exclusion is deemed a serious offence.

24. Bad language and/or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.


25. Should an instance occur that fails to be covered by the rules, MyTeameSports reserves the right to act to ensure fair play is maintained.

26. If you have an issue that has not been mentioned above and you need assistance, contact the team @ Please provide as much detail as possible including screenshots highlighting the problem.