Playstation 4


By SiN Clan
SiN Clan now known as HoLy SiNz is holding a APEX Tournament on 31 May at 7PM.
Europe/Dublin (UTC+01:00)
€20 is the prize fund which all fees will be deducted from the winner claiming the prize.

The prize will be redeemed by PayPal and the following information will be required to claim the teams prize.

1. Full details of you're regurgitation for this event
2. Full names of the players of the team
3. All links should be provided(Twitter, PSNs ETC that you provided upon registration)

If prize is not claimed within legal timeframe we will add this prize fund to the next tournament to create a better prize fund.
- No cheating
- Use sportsmanship
- Respect everyone

Any issues can be brought to an admin of this event or by contacting our Twitter or Discord which the link is provided.