ALG in house tourney
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ALG in house tourney

By ALG Mikehawk
In house apex tourney for AfterLyfe gaming clan!! If you are not apart of the clan yet join the discord link to get processed before the tournment starts on saturday! If you have any further questions pm me on discord @ALG Mikehawk
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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No prize information.
1stt place 10 points
2nd place 7 points
3rd through 6th place - 5 points
8th though 19th place - two points
anything beyond gets zero points
EVERY KILL IS 2 POINTS (1 kill = 2 points, 2 kills = 4 points)

At the end of every game one member of your team will post a screenshot of your game into the community vc (cheaters will be kicked from clan).