WLDL Season 3 - Sahbone Div.

WeLikeDota League Season 3 - Sahbone Division

By WeLikeDota Admin Team
Online, Dota 2 Coordinator
A fun, casual tournament for the WeLikeDota community.
America/New York (UTC-05:00)
The WeLikeDota community is one built with the intention of being fun, flame-free and casual. That said we enjoy good, fun competition. Below are guidelines for the WLDL Season 3 Tournament.

In the event that something is not covered here, determinations will be made by Bunny, Elihu, EpicFail or other established tournament administrators. The rulings made by admins will be considered final.

Tournament Dates: September 30 - December 31
Two parallel divisions with groupings based on MMR
Each division will have its own group stage followed up by a bracket stage
* Group stage matches will be best of one.
* Tournament matches will be best of three.
* Every match will use Captains Mode

All players must be part of the registered team in the Toornament Platform. Teams have been configured to hold a maximum of 7 players who can be rotated per match.

One stand-in will be allowed per-team, per-match. The only stipulation being that stand-in may not be on the roster of another team.

A default date and time will be established on Toornament for matches to take place. This default time will be upheld unless a reschedule is agreed upon by captains of both teams and communicated to the admin.

Requests to reschedule are not required to be honored, but are encouraged as a matter of etiquette/sportsmanship.
Communication regarding any rescheduling requests should take place via Discord between the captains of scheduled teams. Decisions should then be relayed to a tournament Admin to be reflected in Toornament.

* Players should check-in 15 minutes prior to the agreed upon time.
* Lobby will be created either by an admin or the higher seeded team.
* If a team is not ready within 10 minutes of the agreed upon start time the match will be declared a forfeit.
* In the instance an admin is not present, a captain should take a screenshot of the lobby displaying the opposing team’s absence and submit it to the admin.

* All games will be hosted on US East servers, unless BOTH team captains agree otherwise.
* All games played will be Captains Mode, there are NO exceptions.
* Dota TV Delay MUST be set to the standard 2 Minutes.
* A password must be set, this password must be communicated to the other team’s captain via the Dota 2 client or Discord.
* Selection of CHOICE or SIDE must be offered to the team listed in the schedule. The opposing team may then select the remaining option for this match.
* There are NO in-game spectators allowed other than any pre-approved casters

ALL-Chat must be kept clear of anything that is not of value to the opposing team or any admins/casters that are present.
Casual, fun conversation is allowed but no flaming of any kind will be permitted.

* Each team has two pauses to fix any problems, the total time for these pauses combined can be 5 minutes. The reason for the pause must be stated in chat within 1 minute of the pause being initiated.
* Before unpausing the game the team that paused must first inquire if the opposing team is ready. Once the other team has replied the match can continue.
* Tactical pauses are in no way permitted.

Post-Game Reporting:
* Captains are responsible to report game ids and final scores to Toornament.

Suspected violations of the above rules or any actions deemed not befitting of the attitude and culture of the WeLikeDota community shall result in possible consequences including but not limited to:
* Advantage of side and first-pick going to an opposing team in a future match
* Reduction of bonus time during future drafts
* Forfeiture of a match
* Dismissal from the tournament
* Forfeiture of prizes
* Exclusion from future tournaments