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By ( Leader_YameN - HUSSAIN_Sponsor - GaBRiEL_Organizer )
Online, International
- VAINGLORY draft tournament being hosted by Scarecrow Gaming! By: YameN as a ★LEADER and GaBRiEL as a ★ORGANISERS and ★HUSSAIN Almozan as a sponsor
We are hosting a new tournament with CASH as a reward!
Sign up now!
The registration will close on Mondaymorning [26/6/2017 ]
The times will be dicussed on our public discord server mentioned on the Registration Site!
This tournament only for #Europe server.
every team leader who registers his team is responsible for registering in our tournament.
good luck for all VAINGLORY players.
•1★ By registering to the tournament, you are agreeing to these rules.
•2★ Proper email is required upon registration, otherwise you will not be accepted [ The emails are private ].
•3★ The players must be VG bronze or VG silver (( NO VG GOLD )).
•4★ You must join our discord server to know more info.
•5★ All games will be played on EU server.
•6★ Teams CANNOT swap players, players may play on only one team for the whole tournament, players may not change player names, or use other accounts than the registered one in their games.
•7★ Teams DO NOT have to constitute an 'IN GAME' team, but must register under a team name with a logo for overlay (if no logo is submitted a stock logo and just team name will be used.)
•8★ Teams must have a minimum of 4 players per roster and a maximum of 6.
•9★ Teams MUST be registered (including roster changes to already registered rosters).
•10★ Smurfs are not allowed to join the tournament, Organisers are able to judge on how to punish the player(s)
•11★ Tag the @Leader or @ Mangers in our discord server is required when registration.
•12★ ONLY the three players on a team may be in a discord voice party during games, including draft phase. Any coaches/analysts can only intervene between games whilst back in party mode. Any unsportsmanlike behaviour/trolling or general toxicity will be dealt with severely, whether in game, chat, discord, or in stream chat TEAM
•13★ All games MUST be streamed, spectated by one of the OFFICIAL tournament streamers. List provided on discord. Anyone streaming their own games will be permitted to do so but must use a 3 minute delay at least.
•14★All games are draft. Please keep an eye on either stream or this discord to see if your team is getting called. •14★Captains will be responsible for choosing final team from roster for games and swapping
•15★ If enemy does not show up within 10 minutes, they are disqualified and will change the team
•16★ It is your responsibility to add the enemy players.
•17★ CAPTAINS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR TEAMS BEING ONLINE IN TIME FOR GAMES! The schedule that will be given out is just a ROUGH estimate since we are doing best of 3 games if it is a tie
•18★ Any personal connection issues are that player's fault.
•19★ The Maximum amount of people per region is 66 [ First come, First Serve ]
•20★Toxicity may result in you being refused access to future tournaments.
•21★ You must register your IGN and Discord acc to YameN#0140 [ Case - Sensitive ]. If you do not, your cash will be delayed by almost a month, and you will need to inform the mangers about your proper ign.
•22★ If any rules are broken, Moderators are able to judge on how to punish the player(s).
•23★ Please be online and ready and get your team to add YameN and HUSSAIN as they will be running the parties.
Structure to be determined.
Asia/Dubai (UTC+04:00)
120$ For the First place.
80$ For the Second place.
ICE For the` Third place.