Mordheim "Summer" Tournament

MORDHEIM 2017 Warband Level 10 "Summer" Tournament

By Markuskein
Mordheim tournament for 24-32 players starting in September 15-30 (groups phase). Please don't sign up if you won't have time to play these dates. Warbands level 10 with any heroes/imp/hench combo allowed.
Backtracking : 1
Map : Random (excluding library)
Winning Conditions : none

Turn timer : 105s
Deploy timer : 90s
Rout Threshold : 40%
Auto-deploy : Off
Consumables : 2 consumables per character (only 2 item slots filled per character). You can loot enemy consuambles.

-When tournament starts each player is in charge of adding to friends the other players in his group and start playing the matches whenever possible.

-Screenshot of the victory is required by the winner only.

-You have to use the same warband (not the same composition) but the same warband for the whole tourney (this can be easily checked with screens.

-Gentlemen like behavior in victory and defeat it's expected, bring only 2 consumables. Breaking the rules will result in disqualification.

-If both players agree they can restart game for another map when getting ambushes. Try to talk this before starting the game, and understand if your opponent doesn't want, ambushes are a valid strategy, but I want to allow players to choose what they think it's most fun for both.
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Europe/London (UTC+00:00)
No prize information.