The Mega8 Pro 16

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Africa/Johannesburg (UTC+02:00)
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General Rules for the Mega8 Pro 16

Staff & Support
A list of admins can be found by emailing

The Sign-ups are open for everyone within a specific period of time. The number of teams is limited to 16. In order to be part of the league, teams have to sign up via toornament.

League Structure

The league is divided into 2 groups. Each group consists of 8 teams. Each team is in exactly one group. Within the regular stage of one season (excluding playoffs), teams only compete with the other teams in their group.

The matches will be best of 3’s and will be conduct in a group formant, which will be played in a round robin style throughout the league. Each team will only play each other once throughout the course of the league.

Games will be played on Sundays between 15:00 and 21:00 from the 22 October 2017 until 3 December 2017. All teams must consult the tournament fixture list, the Mega8 Facebook page or if in doubt contact the tournament organiser or admins.
Presence & Punctuality
If one team has not shown any sign of activity the whole week (that includes: No team member wrote a match comment, no team member has joined the lobby, all other attempts to contact the team failed), the opponents should report that 15 minutes after the match time. A default win for both games will be confirmed by an admin under normal circumstances. The team does not have to stay online.

If one team is not ready to start the match (but has shown activity), the opponents should report that 30 minutes after the match time. A default win for the first game will be confirmed by an admin under normal circumstances. The teams still have to stay online and play the second game. If the same team is still not ready to play 60 minutes after the match time, the opponents should request a default win for the second game.
If prefered, a team can always suggest a reschedule instead of requesting a default win. However, this must be discussed and approved by the tournament organiser or the tournament admins as well as both teams.

Team Size
After the sign-up has ended, all teams, that have only 4 or less players are considered ineligible.

Roster Additions/Changes
Adding new members to a team is limited to 2 players per team per season.

Permitted Players
A player may only take part in a match as official team member, if he hasn't joined the team or changed his game account within 24 hours prior to the first round of the league commencing. Otherwise he will count as a stand-in and the team has to comply with the stand-in rules.

Stand-ins are persons used by a team as a player during a match, without being an official team member.
The maximum number of stand-ins is limited to 2 players at a time.
A stand-in may not be a member of a team of a higher division.

The default server location is South Africa. Other servers are used, if both teams agree or the administration decides on it.

The prize pool and distribution for each season is stated in an official announcement.

Tournament Organiser Decisions
Any issues, disputes, problems, concerns etc are to be handled by the Mega8 Tournament Organiser and is at the discretion of the Tournament Organiser to decide how the issues, disputes, problems, concerns etc are resolved. The Tournament Organiser reserves the right to conduct themselves with flexibility, objectivity and subjectivity in all decision making involving any issues, disputes, problems, concerns etc.