3v3 Winter Skirmishing Tournament 2018

By Yuber
A European/Russian Mordhau tournament.
Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
No prize information.
For the full rulebook, refer to the following link:

• Single elimination format with third-place match.
• Pre-semifinals are Bo3 (Best-of-3) skirmish matches.
• Semifinals are Bo5 (Best-of-5) skirmish matches.
• Finals are Bo7 (Best-of-7) skirmish matches.
• Bracket seeding is random and recorded.
• A single « kendo » round is done at the beginning of each game, the winning team decides the map-selection-sequence.

• Europe & Russia only.
• 3v3 only, 2 reserve players per team are allowed.
• 12 teams maximum.
• Kendo-winning-team cannot pick more than twice in a row the same map in their sequence; variation is required.
Example: Contra*3 is forbidden, but contra*2+grad*1 is allowed.

• 66% weapon rule; only 2 instances of the same weapon are allowed per team within active use at a specific moment.
• 1st and 3rd person are enabled.
• Throwables are allowed.
• Maximum ping is 120.
• All 4 SKM maps are enabled : Grad, Contraband, The Pit and Camp.

• Sportsmanship is expected ; disrespect and namecalling are forbidden. Failure to abide by this rule will grant one warning, 2 warnings equal disqualification.
• 5 minutes of pause time are given to each team ; exceeding your pause time will result in disqualification.
• Presenting an incomplete team at your matchtime will result in a disqualification.
Edit: Emoting does not equal disrespecting; other non-game implied actions such as teabagging are left to the subjective will of the referees.

• Steam-IDs are mandatory to give in the registration to allow for verification of the authenticity of the players.
• The registration will not be extended ; the inability to submit a registration form by the time the registration is over will mean your team will be prohibited from participating.
• Two reserve player slots are given to each team to prevent disqualification from having missing player(s).
• A single player can only be within one team at a time.