Tournament Admins

A flexible and powerful tool suite for tournament admins

Manage your competitions easily, whatever their game and format.

Run all your tournaments in the same place

No need to spread yourself out between several tournament management softwares anymore! Organize efficiently all your competitions on Toornament.


Supported disciplines

From Battle Royale to strategy games, with sports simulations and FPS in between, choose from more than 500 available games, and make the organization easier by defining specific features for each of them.

Flexible tournament size

From a single tournament between streamers to a multi-tiered circuit with thousands of players, Toornament lets you organize and structure your competitions with seasons, regions and tiers.

Adjustable structure

Make your pick among a large choice of tournament structures depending on your needs. Combine stages to create your ideal tournament structure.

Apply your own tournament rules

Enjoy the numerous advanced settings of our tournament management software and find an answer to the particularities of your rules and guidelines.

Match format

Setup the match format for each step of your tournament. Choose how many participants will play in each match, from 2 to 100.

Score calculations

Configure the way the scores are calculated, and how points are attributed to determine the outcome of matches and rankings.


Manage seeds and visually place participants in each stage thanks to a powerful dedicated interface.


Just like you chose how points are attributed, you can define tiebreakers to make sure your rankings are final and without room for any doubt.

Become more efficient

Have no fear! Start your large scale competition by entrusting some of its management to your team and automating the important steps.


Flexible permissions

Attribute different access levels and permissions to the members of your team depending on their role in the organization.

Flowing participation

Speed up the participant management by automating the registration validation process, the check-in and seeding.

Dedicated player interface

Let participants schedule their matches with their opponents and report their results. Oversee their actions and intervene in case of a dispute.

Multichannel support

Check our Help Center, rely on the organizers community and keep in touch with our team to ensure that your project is a success.

Keep control over your data

With Toornament, gather the data you need to organize your tournament, and keep control over it.

You can create, edit, export and delete gathered data at any point in time.

Add custom fields to build the registration form you want, and decide what information to make public or private.

Define your own tournament rules and privacy policy to abide by the laws you are subject to (ie GDPR).

Toornament only uses data for the good running of competitions, and will never exploit them for marketing or commercial purposes.

Easily highlight your tournament

Quickly create a competition website with Toornament, or integrate the results directly on your own website.

Competition website

Generate a tournament website in a few clicks with our no-code Website Builder. You can then entirely customize its design.

Tailored registration process

Conceive your own registration process. Allow participants to register on your website directly, and only send over to Toornament the data needed to manage the tournament.

Custom integration

Display competition data on an existing website with the API or dynamic white-label widgets.

Join the organizers that already trust us

From games publishers official leagues, to a tournaments platform for students, the largest French LAN Party or a sports federation, Toornament helps organizers to manage their gaming competition projects.