Custom integration

Build a project of your own

From a single script to a fully-fledged platform, develop anything you envision with the Toornament API!

Specific workflows

Design specific workflows

Whether it is a custom registration process, particular management of your participants’ personal data or anything else, the API will let you handle your exact case.

Custom registration

Individuals wishing to register for your tournament can be redirected to your own website. This allows you to develop your own registration process, with possible connection to external solutions. Once done, use the API to return the relevant information to Toornament.

Advanced participant management

You can use participants data in custom fields to link your tournament competitors with another service, and provide them with useful information or service outside of Toornament.

Website enhancement

Enrich your website

Use the white-label widgets or our API to enhance an existing website by displaying information about your tournaments or competitive circuits.

Embed a widget

Add a single line of HTML to your website to insert a dynamic module on any page. Use it to display the tournament data you want, bracket, ranking, schedule, results etc.

Integrate the API

You can also leverage the API to showcase tournament statistics directly on your website, organized as you want and in true white-label fashion.

Custom website

Custom-made competition website

You can build your own competition website and focus on operating and promoting the tournament, while Toornament supplies the competition data.


Tournament display

The API allows you to easily display tournament and circuit information and results without having to develop a costly technology to do so, so that you can focus on running your competition.

Automatically updated

The website will remain up to date at all times, thanks to API automation, without the need for news or articles, thus removing the risks of errors and delays.

Brand and sponsors

By building a dedicated website, you have complete freedom over the visual identity and page layout to follow your brand guidelines. You can also easily set spaces for your sponsors.

White-label platform

Fully fledged white-label platform

You can create your own competition platform, in true white-label manner, including the presentation of your tournaments and the players’ experience. Players will never have to use the Toornament website.


By creating your own platform, you have the freedom to use your visual identity, the layout you want, and the framework or CMS of your choice. You can also create your platform on top of an existing website.


You can use your own, or any third-party, authentication system as your players will not need a Toornament account to participate. They stay on your platform and play from there, following your rules and methods.


Bring your dream competition into existence, structured and organized as you see fit. Combine tournaments, decide how players can register and participate, build circuits and rankings, you make the rules.

Timesaving solution

You can rely on Toornament to take care of the technical aspects of the competition, removing the need to develop the underlying infrastructure. It lets you focus on what is important to you, and greatly reduces your costs.

Developer documentation

Explore the developer documentation

The developer website is here to help you understand the core concepts behind the Toornament technology, and accompany you in developing your project by providing extensive knowledge about the API and the widgets.