Manage your participants properly

No need for spreadsheets anymore, Toornament is here to make your life easier!

Registration process

Adaptable registration process

To avoid having to create and manage the participants manually, you can allow them to register directly in the tournament, be they single players or teams. They will have to provide the information you request from them, for themselves and their teams if applicable.

Make the process yours

You hold the reins over the whole process, and can use custom fields to gather data from your participants. It’s also possible to add instructions, specific terms of use and other information directly on the registration form.

Welcome or turn down would-be participants

You may choose to automatically accept each and every participant, or base your decision on the information they provided. Customize the messages they will receive after their participation has been approved or denied.

Custom fields

Gather and leverage participant information

Add as many additional fields as you need on your participants, for them to fill when registering, or for you to keep track of important information about them. They can be mandatory or optional, public or private.

Such fields can be tied to a single player, a team or a team member. They come in numerous field types, such as game IDs, personal information or social networks.

Data processing

Your players, your data

Toornament handles competition and participants’ data on your behalf, following strict privacy principles, in compliance with the European GDPR.

Data control

As data controller, you choose the purposes and means of processing your competition data, while Toornament acts as your data processor. You may create, edit, export and delete participants' information at any time.

Competition scope

Toornament only handles your participants’ data for the good running of competitions, and to provide them with participation features.

Custom regulation

You can specify your own tournament rules and privacy policy to inform your participants about how you collect and use their data to keep your registration process GDPR-compliant.

Player website

Website specially designed for players

Participants have a dedicated interface at their disposal to make their participation in tournaments easier, from the registration process to reporting match results and communicating with their opponents.


Activity overview

Players are one click away from the list of tournaments they are participating in, or the ones they have registered and are awaiting validation for. They can also easily find their next match or the results of previous matches.

Registration workflow

After filling a registration, participants receive email messages, and may edit their registration information at any time before the tournament begins. They are also able to withdraw from a competition.

Match organization

Participants are autonomous in a tournament. They have access to their opponent’s information, to the match lobby to schedule and play their matches, and can report their match results.

Tournament check-in

Make sure the participants are ready

The check-in feature is here to help you ensure the presence of all participants before the tournament starts. It tells you how many participants will really take part, and lets you adapt the structure if need be.

Configure a check-in period

Participants may check themselves in if you enable the feature in your tournament. You can set a time frame during which they will have to check in, and can use this information to filter and sort participants.

Supervise the check-in

You can change a check-in status at will, and may decide to not open the check-in to participants, and manage it with your admins. Useful if you need to keep track of participants that present themselves in an offline event for example.

Participant reporting

Let your participants report their results

If no automation is available for the discipline you organize on, you can still alleviate your workload by allowing the players to report the results of their matches, and attach a proof. You will only need to intervene in the case of a dispute to arbitrate the final result.

One report is enough

After a match is played, a report by a participant, usually the winner, is all it takes for the match result to be validated, and for the tournament to proceed.

Reports can be contested

In case of a mistake or fraud attempt, the opponent may file a dispute to cancel the match result, and prompt an admin action to determine the final result of the match.