Show your tournament off

Because a great competition deserves the most awesome delivery.

Tournament details

Your tournament details in orderly fashion

The particulars of your competition are available for everyone to see on the tournament public page via the different sections that let you convey important information to participants and spectators.


Tell the narrative around your tournament, how it will unfold, its general principles, contact information and more.


Make sure the rules and format of the competition are known and respected by making them clear and visible.


Up the ante with prizes, and showcase the winnings players might bring home if they achieve a good performance.


Plan the competition by scheduling the matches, and make the whole planning available for all to see.


Make your participants known

Ensure all the relevant information about your participants are readily available, whether it is for their opponents to gather intelligence or spectators to follow their favorite player or team.

Player & team information

A participant can have a logo, roster information, in-game details and much more, depending on the custom fields you decided to use.

Tournament matches

All the matches, past and upcoming, of a participant, are listed on a participant page, along with media related to them.


Tournament outcome at hand

Your tournament can be played with duel or free-for-all (FFA) matches, and each stage type has its own way of displaying results.


Comprehensive brackets

Brackets are displayed in a clear and condensed view, with all relevant information available on a single page, be it single, double or FFA format.

Customized rankings

Rankings are arranged depending on the type of format, with results, statistics, rounds and matches easily accessible.

Complete match sheet

Each match has its own page, with participant information, game details, scores, media content, and other discipline specific features (maps, characters etc.).

Final standing

You can declare the final rank of each participant, so that everyone knows how each participant fared in the competition.

Stream and VOD

Broadcast your content 

Gather your media content on your tournament pages, so that people only need to check a single place to find everything about the competition.

Live streams

Link live streams from any major streaming platform to your tournament, so the live feed is readily available on matches.

Video replays

List replays, highlights and bonuses on matches after they are over, for the latecomers and posterity.


Easily communicate information with widgets

Each tournament comes with a selection of HTML widgets, tailored for media websites, offering a wide range of information to be embedded on any website. 

Tournament widget

All-round dynamic widget with tournament information, latest results and upcoming matches.

Schedule widget

A list of upcoming tournament matches in chronological order, with filters and boundaries.

Structure widget

Curate the matches you want to display, be it in a bracket, a league, a swiss round etc.

Toornament TV

A customizable TV module to display tournament information on live screens or streams.