Pro Plan

Take your tournaments to the next level

Grow your tournament and gaming activities thanks to the Pro Plan advanced features

Manage your gaming tournaments without limits

Envision and gather all your gaming tournaments in the same place. The Toornament Pro Plan provides the most complete and flexible organization solution.

Play any game

Gather your activities by managing competitions on any video game type and platform: Battle Royale, MOBA, first person shooter, simracing, sports simulation, card games etc.

> Supported games

Create any tournament format

Toornament offers the widest choice of structure formats and configuration flexibility so that you can manage all your competitions, whatever their specificities are.

> Customization structure

Apply your own rules

From seeding to pairing methods, tiebreaker rules or match formats, enjoy the numerous advanced settings of Toornament and find an answer to the particularities of your competition rules.

> Seeding and placement

Think big for your tournaments

Do not limit yourself in your multiplayer gaming and tournament projects! The Pro plan lets you create and manage unlimited tournaments and leagues with thousands of players or teams.

> Organization

Case study

How the largest French LAN Party runs its competitions with Toornament

The Gamers Assembly is the oldest and largest LAN Party in France gathering 2,000 players. Discover how its admins used Toornament to manage their competitions, and shared the results both on their website and in person at the venue.

Promote your tournaments and partners

Provide without delay all the information your participants and spectators need to enjoy your competition.


Customize your tournament public pages

Increase the visibility of your brand and sponsors by exploiting the customization options of your tournament public pages.

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Highlight your sponsors

Your sponsors are important for your project. Give them a special place and more visibility by displaying their logos on the public page of your tournament.

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Share your work easily

Embed tournament data on any other website with a single HTML line and easily share information: registration, bracket, ranking, schedule or results.

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Broadcast your tournament information

The Toornament TV is an automated and intelligent content display. It is a customizable web page that dynamically displays your tournament results and information to your online and in-person audience.

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Design a competitive circuit

Whether you need to build a single national league or a competition circuit made up of multiple international tournaments, the Pro Plan will make it easier for you to manage them.


Put your circuits in order

Create your competitive circuit made of multiple tournaments, attribute a season, region and competitive tier to each of them. Display your tournaments in an orderly fashion.

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Generate customized leaderboards

Automatically generate leaderboards based on your participants' results across multiple tournaments within a competitive circuit. Set your own leaderboard points grid.

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Share the management workload

Give access to your competition circuit management to an unlimited number of admins. Create and configure groups with their own access level and rights.

Leverage your participants data fully

With the Pro Plan, you have the hand over the whole tournament registration process and the participants data collected. Toornament does not use any of it for its own benefit.

Create your registration process

Allow the participants to register in a tournament, be they single players or teams. Define the registration period precisely, with opening and closing dates.

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Collect useful participant data

Add custom fields to build the registration form you want and collect the data you need. Choose what participant information to make public or private.

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Dispose of your data as you wish

You can create, edit, and delete gathered data at any point in time. Export your participants data for your organizational or marketing needs.

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Keep the control and property

Toornament will never exploit your competition data for marketing or commercial purposes, and we do not contact your players.

Organize with serenity and efficiency

Toornament provides valuable options for managing large numbers of participants more efficiently: automatically accept registrations, let participants check-in, organize their match in a dedicated lobby and report their results.

> Participation

Join the organizers that already trust us

From games publishers official leagues, to a tournaments platform for students, the largest French LAN Party or a sports federation, Toornament helps organizers to manage their gaming competition projects.