Tournament generator

Generate any type of tournament

Manage all types of tournament, from the simplest bracket to the most complex structure format.

Customize tournament structure

Create your dream tournament with any structure format of one or more stages and configure it with advanced customization options.

Various bracket types

You can choose from 4 different bracket formats: single elimination, double elimination, gauntlet or bracket groups. Pick the one that meets your specific tournament needs.

Stages with leaderboard

Offer more competition to your participants with round-robin, swiss-round and league stages to track how every participant fits into the leaderboard. Choose from many tiebreaker rules to automatically classify your participants.

Free-for-all formats

Create tournaments with matches of up to 100 participants at the same time. Enjoy format structures with several rounds or leagues dedicated to FFA games. Define your points system depending on game metrics.

Choose any game!

You can create a tournament and define the structure and match formats for any video game: FPS, Battle Royale, strategy games, sports or racing simulation. Set how many games per match are to be played and whether you want to use points or time to rank your participants.

Easily manage your participants

Whatever your player numbers, Toornament makes it easy to manage your competition registration and participation process. You can either ask your players to register themselves or do it directly in the tournament, be they single players or teams.

Make the process yours

You hold the reins over the whole process. You can use custom fields to gather data from your participants, add instructions and specific terms of use.

Welcome or turn down would-be participants

You may choose to automatically accept each and every participant, or base your decision on the information they provided.

Make sure the participants are ready

The check-in feature ensures the presence of all participants before the tournament starts. It tells you how many participants will really take part, and lets you adapt the structure if need be.

Let your participants report their results

You can alleviate your workload by allowing the participants to report the results of their matches, with proof attached, for the tournament to proceed without the need for your input.

In case of a mistake or fraud attempt, the opponent may file a dispute to cancel the match result, and prompt an admin action to determine the final result of the match.

Show your tournament off

You can easily share and highlight your competition thanks to the dedicated public interface or create a full tournament website branded in your colors.

Share your dedicated interface

Without a turnkey website, your competition information and results are available on a dedicated Toornament page.

Enrich your own website

Integrate competition results on your own website by inserting dynamic widgets that you can customize.

Create unique tournament websites

Conceive your tournament website and make it fit your brand’s visual identity with our no-code Website Builder. Share it on your own domain name.